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Look at the ocean; ocean seems so happy to feel the touch of sun’s “light” on it. As a lover feels her love touches on her body. looks like ocean is excited and running towards the sun to just to get hold of its warmth , to show, how much love it has drown beneath itself. Seems like Ocean want to tell how important you are for it and for the world. Feels like ocean just wants to colors itself in sun’s light to show its love and impress the sun….. As a lover changes itself to be like the one her love wants to be.

                 Just to go near the sun to touch its rays and body, and to tell the sun how much sun gives to the earth by burning itself, ocean evaporates and becomes a cloud, with a deep down desire to see the suns and to be as close it can be, and then again falls down becoming a drop of rain, but not able to touch the sun, which it wished to, when it made itself evaporated. And again it tries to go up becomes a cloud and again it fails, this process of trying to touch the sun is going on for the billions of year, from earths formation.

               Besides all this it can show its love to the sun like this picture is telling how much deep its love is, for the sun. How many things she carries inside her just to tell its love, “you are the reason, we are alive”, 

               why can’t we try like the ocean in our life without expecting anything from any one even from god, like the ocean which has billions of failed attempts for billion years without expecting from sun to move little closer so it can touch and take suns heat, so sun can get rid of its heat for some time in its billion years of formation.

70% of water is what we are made of, but can’t take 1% of ocean qualities in our life.                                                                                         i.e. life without expectation.



FLAVOURS OF “ME’s “…Happiness…


When happiness is mentioned at any given point of time or life, “me” suggests it’s not for “me”. “Me” has so many parameters to fulfil, to reach a point where “me” can announce itself and to the world, “me” is happy. How can “me” be happy? Just for the sake of being happy…….. now, rubbish!!!!

Do not find a reason to be happy, happiness itself a reason.

Somehow going and passing through the difficult life without exploring and knowing real nature and aim of the life, “me” came across necessities of happiness in life and effect of adrenaline on happiness. “Me” got confused, firstly because to be happy there is always “if” and that “if” is always attached with certain rules, goals, and parameters of being happy. This “if” and the criteria attached to it are the initial mark which can make “me” happy, without fulfilling and satisfying the criteria’s, no “me” in this world can be happy, me believed.

Secondly “me’s” happiness criteria “if” is attached with every “other me” around “me”. “Me” can be happy, if the “others me’s” around “me” acts and fulfil “me’s” expectations. “Me’s” happiness is not in “me’s” control, it always the “other me” is responsible for “me’s” happiness, either “me” knows the other “me” or not.

Happiness does not need any support to be present in life, it’s just the mindset which makes us believes, the otherwise. 

Me’s” happiness is always dependent, either on some parameters of life, or the any “other me”, which cannot justify the nature of life, happiness is always within just need to search it at the right place.

   Happiness never needs any reason to be present,                                                                                                                 


     Unhappiness always needs a reason. 



When “I” is mentioned at any given point of life or time the entire energies of this body suggests it’s me. “Me” the best gift of the nature, or the universe, or the god to itself, “me” was going through this world understanding its culture, its behaviour, its views and its reality. Everything was nice and kind to the point when the real situation did not went according to “me”. In the beginning “me” put all its efforts to make the situation which please him but the amount of efforts gradually reduced with the time and mind. “Me” realised after many such unpleasant experiences that “me” was trying to change the will of the god, the will of the universe, the will of the “me” its self, (as our scriptures suggests). The will which is impossible to see with naked eyes, but it lies within the eyes, with in the hear,t in the patience, in the blankness, in the loneliness.

“Me” is a bundle of memories, without memories “me” does not exit, it is the memories which made “me” recognise its own self, and through own existence of memories “me” recognise all the connected beings and actions “me” can perform, like it’s in “me” memories that it cannot fly, so “me” never try to fly, instead “me” walks because it’s in “me” memories.

One day the knack of asking question makes “me” ask the question to itself, “WHO I AM” then the quest for searching “me” started, and made me realise that……

The world always will be at peace and bliss when “the Me” knows “WHO I AM”.          



Asking a question has become such a habit which I really want to avoid, I ask anything to anyone or to anything. One day I asked a cow, “what are u doing on the roads”, she did not bother, “the cow” she chose not answer and turns her head to other side.

I asked one day to, “life” who are you? And what you are? Where are you?

Like cow life did not replied but life taught me its own lessons with its own way called realization or understanding.

Suggesting me through my understanding it said, don’t take me so damn seriously, I am not that serious kind I am very simple be easy with me and I will be gentle with you.

I am or life is in the present, but almost all the owners of me has created their own world of life in their own mind, the life which they always lead avoiding me every time, “the life”.

As life I always love my owners in spite of their ignorance towards me almost always, I still come to them every minute or every second in the form of present, my owners has just to grab the very movement, the very minute, the very second of me to live with me and explore life.

Sometimes “life” can be defined by just a smile……

Sometimes all the known and unknown expressions of living are not enough to define me….


Take me as I am don’t try to change me too much on the basis of other expectation or even on your own expectations to be someone else, because I am what I am with you as I am what I am with every other individual, and every individual is different.

I am best when I am what I wana be, and

I am worst when I am what others wana be.


India’s…. and its kings……



Indian’s…….. so many things are said about us…. so many times….. let’s see India and its kings through new lenses….. And crown our kings of democracy…..

There are so many religions of India, which divides over 1.3 billion of people’s among them self’s…..     The Hindus are most selfish one’s, which took most of the people’s with them self’s….. But here every one is equal…..

Let me take you to the most amazing networks of India… which connects all the religions… binds all the crimes… and collects all the neta’s… which teachs us the very meaning of democracy…. ROADS…. veins of India….

India, where the servants  are the kings and the democracy…. a servant….

Roads are only place where all the commoners of India enjoys their democracy…  India is the largest democratic country and it has one of the largest road networks….

Laws are meant to protect the commoners in India, but here in India, all the commoners broke the laws……. minimum once a day…. I.e. 1.3 billion people… 1.3 billions crimes a day…. in that respect India must be the largest law breaking country of the world….


kings of our roads…. problem …. there many kings….. whom to obey and whom not to….

Most of the laws breakers doesn’t know… They are breaking a law… This is the most realist part of our…… Democracy…. Where, every one is a king in what ever place they got…. The rickshaw wala’s and auto wala’s tends to be the King of our democratic roads…. 90% of them doesn’t know 90% of the traffic rules of the roads….. how will they obey????  And we are the one’s who know most of the rules follow the one’s who doesn’t know the rules…. We are the country which follow the rules through the ones’s who doesn’t know the rules…… AMAZING….. IS’IT …… 

we are the only country where kings needs to be forcefully controlled when a bigger kings arrives……… to give way to the kings of the kings…..

And the law markers & diplomats are the kings on all the others fronts of India…. what ever post they got or table they got, they will behave like a king…. It always seems like u went to get mercy…… 

We got independence in 1947 and that was the time when Sardar Patel collected all the small kingdoms to be one big democratic country …… But he can’t take out king’s-man-ship from Indian…. before it has one family which rules their kingdom, but now each and every citizen of the country is a KING…... This is what democracy has taught us……


Is democracy a culprit? or politics?

The place which gives our democracy a proper respect…. And consider us as a citizen of world largest democratic country….. We Indian’s flows as usual in our emotions and starts considering it as our place of karma…. Most of youths has there energies boiling inside them because they don’t know how to use it because they keep on following others rather their own self’s…. the kings of other fronts of India use these energies, which comes out on the ……….. democratic roads of India……… Which folds all the religions of India into one…. as all the religions follows the same set of rules……. Which brings Assam tea to the houses and the foods….. ….. Which takes us to schools and hospitals…. which takes us to the party and all the masti’s…. more importantly it takes us back to our homes….. the Roads….. 

Such an important part of our life…..



Roads…. some finds its dangerous…. and some adventurers….. like life…. it depends how we sees it…..  

The roads is like life….. in what ever speed you drive, in which ever way….. you always find someone ahead of u….. the cars on the roads are like obstacles in which ever way you overtake u find another…… just ahead of you…. so drive your life smoothly……. on the road called life…… with every little laws you know……




Bhangra of Democracy…..


Mob of Dera followers

What we witnessed in panchkulla …. is a bhangra of our democracy …. we the people ….. which our constitution describes as us … shown our true knowledge of our democracy …. we the people of India can choose any religion we want or create a new one … can choose any life we ​​want or create a new life …. or can choose any one our God ….. or be one .. …

Astha or believe has the greatest intangible power the nature has blessed us with …. it was belief that created Maryada puroshotam Ram, and it was astha which created Jesus …

But we are the people from where … harrappa originated …. and in so many years of experience that no country in the world has …. cant choose …. a better world to live in .. .
Even while choosing God we do not have option like voting in election .. …….. we are the largest democratic country ….. and largest in way of not Knowing what democracy is … .. who will tell them or teach them … what is the meaning of exploitation ….. even angraz and mugals not able to teach them ….
Our democratic netas or our democratic gods …

What kind of leaders we choose …..
what kind of God ….. we worship ….. rapists …. murders ….. it’s our turn to choose …..

dreams…. unfulfilled….

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Almost half of our life, we have lived. And almost everything we wanted to do in our life, we haven’t even started yet….. When we start doing those things which we really wanted, or dream about from this life…. The wanna be’s which pop’s up somewhere inside, when time is not as we wished, or when we fed-up doing life’s things……….   

                                        We dream about being a rock star, where that rock went from us, the hard one as a rock, who doesn’t had fear of anything, just did their own stuffs. And the born star, who has the solutions to every problem, the one on whom whole world can rely upon, where that rock and the star went.


We need to wake up and find that one, who resides with in us…….The one who was the shopkeeper of the dream store, who has so many dreams up for sale, we adored all the items of the store, we wanted to buy each and every things of the store, to be what we wanted to be, but somewhere down in the journey of life we have lost that shopkeeper to the priorities of the world….. Or we were scared of following our dreams…….

The dreams to become a hero in our own world, the one who does things which we loved, and by our way…… Just been happy for no reason what so ever…………

The one who was accountant, during the rent and groceries time of the house, we stayed, the cook the maid…… everyone had to pay a single penny which comes to their debit section, the C.A. had the calculations for every penny spent……. Even on the booze which brand we had last Friday, and how much it costs per head….. The fun part was that when we clear….. The last month debit, current month’s credit also becomes clear……… the accountant who has manged so many accounts, not able to fix single accounts of their life today………. where that one went……

The one who was a Councilor, when one of the pirates of the gang get back in any subject or semester, the teaching which they gave, which even they themselves trying to understand it till now…….. Councilors always had free booze at any pirates breakups or mostly one sided love….. Councilors even help and awarded accordingly during smuggling times inside girls hostel or P.G. ……… Councilor always said, “I am with you”, don’t worry, every thing will be fine….. you are our hero….. Today even councilor went somewhere, and not able to say to himself, that “U R OUR HERO”…….

The one who was a poet, during exam, they always tell everyone, “to study”, we need refreshed mind, and to get mind refreshed we need, “booze”, let’s have today, and from tomorrow with refreshed mind we will start studying. After booze we had the opportunity to listen to the world best poet of our time……..  As they thought ….. Where that poet went……. And the, “tomorrow” which poet suggested, never came ….. Still waiting for that tomorrow…….

So, many roles that one has played during those times, where that one went, have we searched it?  it still resides within us….. it just want little time from us……… The time of happiness….. The care for life…..


Life is like a river, it flows with a beautiful rhythm….. The music it sings…. the moves it shows while flowing…… the happiness to meet its origin….. So many challenges or lessons of stones and trees it has…… but by making its own way, dancing and running with its own flow….. Meets its origin….                                                                                                                                                                    Life also has many obstacles or lessons but life goes on  through…….. Little compromise, little ignorance, little  forgiveness, little forgetting……                                                              Life should flow like a rhythm….. Making its own way and taking challenges as lesson of life……. just live life as it is, to get maximum out of life……..

i.e.        Life is a lesson…… either read it or BE IT……


people….and there essence…..

connecting peoples

So many people’s has touched our life, with their essence and flavors, with so many different ways…… many of whom we knew, many of whom we don’t, but they are contributing their part in our life…. this is life, someone is contributing for some one’s success, they don’t even know.… our ideas and our views, everything has their essence of their flavors…..

People with whom we learnt what is life, with whom we learnt to laugh, with whom we saw the world, with so many different angles, with whom we set our goals and priorities, who made us walk towards our goals, and when we started walking on the journey called life, they got down somewhere from our journey, or we left them due to priorities, or they left us……

But essence of their presence is still there in the air we breathe, they still walk with us when we walk, “alone”, they still talk to us when we talk to our self’s “alone”, they still see us, through our own eyes….


Look at the picture, it shows the essence of our life, how its looks today and when we see the picture through their essence….. It shows, how different the world has become, or how different we have become….

while driving or sitting alone, Listening some music, suddenly the radio plays our old tracks, it makes us dive deep into their essence, or the places we use to visit, the streets, the shops, seems like the whole environment bathed in their flavor, they are present in us, they are bathing with us in the tunes of our old days flavors….

Those peoples……..                                                                                                                                    Whom we knew, like we knew our self’s, who were the part of our life, who had their share in our life.

Peoples, who had the broadest shoulder when we need the most, whom we knew, will be there without being asked for.

people with whom the whole world seems crazy, only we were correct, people with whom the world was our kingdom and we were the kings, where the peoples of our kingdom was against, their king, but that does matter to us………..  Nah  ….., we were care-free, with many dreams in our eyes, and wanted to rule the world with our dreams……

People who taught us lessons of life, like Buddha teachings, we understood their teaching after they left, but the teaching they left behind, is still there, where they left it, but in a mature manner….. some of the teachers even taught us, scooter understand’s the tree… basically he wanted to ask whose scooter is parked under the tree, but he asked whose scooter is under-standing the tree… those was the days when we use laugh even after heavy beating from our teachers, but that matter to us……… nah …….

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picture suggests, what we have become, the structure of the face is us and the leaves surrounding the face is their essence, what ever we are, we are surrounded by there essence. 

What kind of people they were, they just been there, didn’t expected anything from us, been there for our togetherness.

Let’s hope someday we turn back times, and dive into the essence together, again…..

We can have their essence, people who has touched us practically, but those people who are on daily basis contributing their part in our life, does we care about them, do we really want to know who they are, and how they contributed their part in making us, “what we are today”?

Approximately 80 % of the people we doesn’t know, who is regularly contributing their part in our life, like who has made your pen, who has made your clothes, who has grown the food we eat every day,  etc. etc. the list goes on and on……


Life is a connection between human beings……. and goal of life is to, “understand it how”…..